What is Chiropractic?

The health and alignment of the spine directly affects the health of the body and brain. Chiropractic is a profession that specializes in analyzing the health and alignment of the spine, and specifically and gently improves it. Ultimately the effect is the body and the brain are healthier for it, and pleasantly, a person will feel much better too.

Wellness vs. Medical Care

The difference between Wellness Care and Medical Care is that the underlying strategy is quite different. Wellness is proactive, you do for the sake of it as a part of a lifestyle. Regardless of how healthy you may be you can always change your lifestyle and gain benefit from it. If you're struggling and sick it can bring you up. If you're not quite sick, but not that well either, it will bring you up. And even if you feel healthy and alive it can still bring you up.

Everyone knows what Medical Care is. But not often considered is that it is reactive, you only do it when things go wrong. When someone is burdened by symptoms, rather than seek to understand why they're present and work to raise your health beyond them, the medical approach is almost exclusively to suppress them.

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